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2 days ago

This week we welcome Scott Walden COO of Vetcor for his unique perspective on the current state of the restoration industry. We will focus on an article he wrote recently called “The Squeeze” about, well let’s let him tell you.
Scott Walden is the Chief Operating Officer for Team VetCor, LLC and VetCor, LLC; a veteran manned and managed insurance services franchise company specializing in emergency services for property damage. Scott holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Black Hills State University (cum laude), and an MBA from the Florida Technical University. Prior to joining VetCor, he served as the Director of Training and Customer Support for M.I.C. Industries, Inc. In this role he developed and managed the company’s training program, designed to provide high-level instruction in the operation and maintenance of the company’s machinery and software to domestic and international customers. In addition, he handled oversight of all aspects of the company’s customer support operation. Scott is currently an IICRC Master Water Restorer, and a Florida licensed Mold Remediator and Mold Assessor.
Scott Walden served in the United States Army from October 1983 until his retirement as a Sergeant Major in November 2006. He served throughout the United States and overseas in every leadership position from Team Leader to Brigade Operations Sergeant Major. LEARN MORE at IAQ Radio+

Friday Jan 27, 2023

This week we welcome Pete Consigli, Cliff Zlotnik, Jon Isaacson and FOP’s (friends of Pete’s) from Naples, Florida to give us highlights from the Andy Ask Building Science Symposium (AABSS) and the Hurricane Response Lessons Learned Workshop.
The always entertaining Restoration Industry Watchdog, DYOJO’s Jon Isaacson and the Z-man will lead a roundtable discussion with FOP’s about the highlights from the AABSS and the Hurricane Response Lessons Learned Workshop. We always learn something new with Pete, Cliff, Jon and the FOP’s

Friday Jan 20, 2023

This week we welcome Rich Crim, VP Dir of Project Operations and Ken Garza, CIH VP Industrial Hygiene to discuss the GHP story and their emphasis on Proactive vs Reactive IEQ. After many years working with large companies, hotel chains and others GHP is laser focused on changing their client's paradigm and focusing on IEQ issues proactively. This week we learn more about their unique approach.
Rich Crim, PE, LEED AP BD+C has more than 16 years of mechanical engineering experience—with the last 11 years as a licensed professional engineer. As GHP’s Director of Project Operations, Rich ensures all projects are executed to GHP’s standards of being on time, under budget, and top quality. He also manages project forecasting and oversees that the right people with the right skillsets are assigned to the right projects. Pairing the right people to the right projects sets GHP up to deliver above clients’ expectations.
Rich’s project experience is comprehensive of every aspect of mechanical and plumbing systems, from design to forensic investigation and everything in between. This expertise and investigative mindset have been assets during his favorite part of working at GHP—solving problems. Whatever the issue, Rich loves identifying root causes and resolutions. In his own words, “I love that moment when a problem is solved, and you sit back for a moment, take a breath, and then say to yourself, ‘Ok, what’s next?’”
Rich has a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Vanderbilt University and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Mississippi.
Kenneth Garza, CIH, MS is GHP Vice President, Director of Texas Operations. With client experience in a variety of industries including healthcare, insurance, hospitality, education, legal, commercial, and residential properties, Ken can just about do it all. Possessing more than 17 years of experience and recognized as a Certified Industrial Hygienist by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene, Ken assesses environmental needs, provides sound solutions, and supports the implementation of those solutions. His work has taken him around the globe, including Dubai, Chile, Guyana, and the Caribbean islands.
Ken manages various environmental projects nationally and internationally, dealing with moisture intrusion, mold, asbestos, chemical exposure, and other hazards in the built environment. When managing or assessing what a built environment needs, Ken’s goal is to ensure everyone who touches a project walks away with the knowledge that it was worthwhile and successful. Ken’s Master of Science is in the Environmental Science and Management from the University of Texas at San Antonio and his Bachelor of Science is in Biology, Minor in Chemistry is from St. Mary’s University.

Friday Jan 13, 2023

This week we welcome Robert Blochinger, Mickey Lee and Dr. Ralph Moon for the Moisture Mob – Flooring Panel Grand Finale. 
The Moisture Mob series has been quite the learning experience. Today we wrap up the flooring panel and dive into how moisture affects various types of flooring. Bob Blochinger will discuss his take on how concrete chemistry affects flooring and Dr. Ralph Moon will go over his recent research on how different types of flooring are affected by moisture issues. Mickey Lee will weigh in on his lessons learned from over 30 years in the industry.
Bob Blochinger was raised in New York City, working in the family construction business. He moved to Florida for college, majoring in business management and worked seasonally in the hospitality industry. Bob began his career in the flooring industry in 1970, offering carpet cleaning and installations while specializing in water and fire damage restoration work. In the early 1980’s he expanded into the retail department store sector providing installation of floor covering sales. During the 1990’s his company started to service the architectural and interior design trade with high-end floor covering product sales and installations for residential, commercial and industrial applications. In 1990, Bob attended Southern Tech GA, specializing in technical training for carpet manufacturing and inspection. This started his career in forensic review of floor covering products that have a negative impact on performance, appearance and/or use. He is a multi-discipline flooring consultant. Bob also works as an expert witness, inspector and investigator for law firms, condominium associations and flooring manufacturers. He consults for flooring projects on bid package formatting and review, installation supervision and maintenance procedures. Bob’s oversight consultation assignments often require moisture testing of concrete for public works projects and private corporations tracking major installations from the retail store to the manufacturing facility.
Ralph Moon, PhD is a Building Scientist with more than 42 years of consulting experience in the areas of duration of loss studies, material testing, risk assessment, project management, industrial hygiene, and indoor air quality assessment. Dr. Moon has published over 60 peer reviewed and 40 technical articles and papers and is a frequent expert witness on insurance-related claims and projects. Dr. Moon has a unique background that combines extensive field experience, seminar development and presentations, research, and legal services in IAQ, building science and disaster restoration.
Mickey Lee is currently a private consultant providing consulting, training, research and writing services in the fields of property damage restoration, psychrometrics, drying science, mold remediation and structural drying after water intrusions. Mr. Lee retired from the Munters Corp (US) in 2011 after serving in various roles for over 20 years. At various points Mr. Lee was Vice-President – Global Technology & Sustainability for Munters AB – MCS and Global and National Technical & Training Manager for Munters Corp (US). He was responsible for training program development, curriculum writing and course facilitation in addition to managing projects for structural drying and restoration of commercial buildings of every type. He also has extensive experience in application of air treatment technology in restorative drying projects, corrosion-control methods, mold mitigation and humidity control in commercial and industrial facilities while working with Munters Corporation – Moisture Control Services Division.
Recognizing his vast experience in water damage restoration the IICRC asked him to lead the development of their Commercial Drying Specialist certification. This program completed its’ full roll-out in 2009 and continues to be a popular offering. Mr. Lee continues to serve as committee chair for the Commercial Drying Specialist Certification program and also serves on the IICRC S500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration revision committee.

Friday Jan 06, 2023

This week we welcome Robert Higgins, William Thornton and Roland Vierra the Moisture Mob – Concrete Panel Grand Finale for a discussion of concrete and moisture related issues. This is the last of our series of shows on concrete and moisture. Next week we do our wrap up show on other types of flooring and moisture related problems. Our thanks to Pete Consigli "The Restoration Industry Global Watchdog" for his help pulling these shows together.
Robert Higgins has been involved with moisture-related issues in concrete and waterproofing since 1976 and has been developing products for such use since 1980. He was a product development chemist for SINAK. Bob is equally involved in product and process development, having developed most of the products manufactured and marketed by his former company SINAK Corporation, as well as owning or co- owning patents for moisture testing. He has expertise in moisture-related concrete issues, having been involved with waterproofing, technical committees, professional groups, lecturing, teaching; and construction defect litigation. Bob lives and works in Osmond Beach, FL. He has given lectures internationally and throughout the US on concrete and coatings related topics. He also continues to work on various committees and provides expert witness services on topics related to construction, concrete and coatings.
William Thornton is North American Technical Director for Tarkett Sports and a leading floor covering industry expert. William has 4 decades of experience in all aspects of the industry from: retail sales, installation, cleaning, manufacturing, specifying, consumer complaint handling, technical training and standards writing.
Roland Vierra is the President and CEO of FLOORING FORENSICS, INC. Flooring Forensics is an independent consulting firm specializing in the science and forensic evaluation of floor covering performance failures. Flooring Forensics, Inc. is also foremost in concrete moisture testing. Flooring Forensics, Inc., supports legal, insurance, design, construction, manufacturing and installation professionals through proficient advisory and consultant services specific to the performance and behavior of all floor covering and floor coating systems. Mr. Vierra has been a third-party claims consultant for more than 35 years. During that time, he has advised numerous clients on product and installation selection, evaluated performance and installation failures and been designated as an expert in many construction defect litigation actions.

Friday Dec 16, 2022

This week we welcome Andre Dejarlais and Mike Lubliner Luby for a discussion on Building Science, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the new Building Science Advisor Tool for efficient & moisture durable; building envelope solutions.
Michael Robert Lubliner is a Senior Energy Advisor at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He previously worked at Washington State University Extension Energy Program as Building Science Residential Technical Lead at the Washington State Energy Office.  He is internationally recognized for his 35 years of significant contributions to residential building science R&D of emerging technology and building systems engineering.  He currently provides technical support at ORNL working with the Building Science Advisor and low-income weatherization programs.
Over the years, Lubliner worked to design, implement and evaluate utility energy efficiency incentive programs, and support; EPA Energy Star and Indoor Air Plus, DOE Zero Energy Ready and NAHB Energy Value Housing Awards. Lubliner is a subject matter expert in areas of new and existing single and multi-family site built and manufactured housing sectors.  He is a member of ASHRAE working to support energy efficiency, durability, and indoor air quality.  He provided technical support to state residential energy code from 1986-2022. He utilizes his effective and passionate communications style and wisdom from 35 years in the “school of hard knocks”, communicating with government agencies, utilities, developers, sub-contractors, supply chain manufacturers/distributors, building code officials, DIY and others.
André Desjarlais is the Program Manager for the Building Envelope and Materials Research Program at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He has been involved in building envelope and materials research for over 45 years, first as a consultant and, for the last 30 years, at ORNL. Areas of expertise include building envelope and material energy efficiency, moisture control, and durability. Desjarlais has been a Member of ASTM since 1987 and serves on Committees C16 on Thermal Insulation, D08 on Roofing, and E60 on Sustainability. He is the past Chairman of ASTM Committee C16 and was awarded the title of Fellow in 2011. He has been a member of ASHRAE since 1991 and serves on Technical Committees TC 4.4 on Thermal Insulation and Building Systems, TC 1.8 on Mechanical Insulation Systems, and TC 1.12 on Moisture Control in Buildings, and is past Chairman of TC 4.4. André is also a founding director of the RCI Foundation.

Friday Dec 09, 2022

This week we  welcome Dr. Brendon Burley PE, Jennifer Isenbeck PE and Meghan McNulty PE for a show we are calling ASHRAE 62.1 Is Acceptable, Acceptable? 
The ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2022, Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality has been under the microscope with COVID and now RSV, Flu, etc. The standard has been the topic of many comments and critiques. This week we interview three committee members to get their perspective.
Brendon Burley, PhD, PE, LEED AP has been in the design industry since 1998 providing freelance CAD services for a number of clients in the Philadelphia area before moving on to work on his degrees and research at The Pennsylvania State University. For the past 14 years he has been focused on designing health care and higher education projects, mostly in the mid-Atlantic region. His projects range from laboratory equipment installations to medical center expansions and replacements, including projects involving advanced imaging equipment, medical and research containment facilities, and clean rooms. In addition to his work experience, he has been a member of ASHRAE since 2011 where he has served as a member of Standard 62.1 Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality, Standard 170 Ventilation for Health Care Facilities, and the Environmental Health Committee. He currently serves as the chair for Standard 62.1.
Jennifer Isenbeck, PE, LEED AP is currently a staff engineer with Moffitt Cancer Center.  In the Planning, Design and Construction department, she works with various consultants on implementing best practices in healthcare design, campus infrastructure as well as providing design reviews, commissioning oversight and project implementation into operations.  Prior to this role, she was Director of Operations (Facilities) for various corporate and academic institutions.  Jennifer is currently chair of ASHRAE MTG.EBO (Effective Building Operations), past Chair of ANSI/ASHRAE Std 62.1 (2019-2022), DRC, Society Board of Directors (2013-2016).  She currently is a member of ASHRAE Standards and Publications Committees.
Meghan K. McNulty, PE, LEED AP is a Senior Project Engineer at Servidyne, in Atlanta, GA. She works with building owners and operators to reduce energy and emissions while improving indoor air quality in existing buildings. She specializes in investigating and modeling energy use, assessing ventilation systems, and compliance with local building energy policies. Meghan is a Registered Professional Engineer (PE) in Georgia and LEED Accredited Professional in Operations and Maintenance (LEED AP O+M).  She joined Servidyne in 2013 with a Master of Engineering from Virginia Tech and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Princeton University. Meghan volunteers with ASHRAE on the Government Affairs Committee; Standard Project Committee 62.1, Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality; and Technical Committee 4.3, Ventilation Requirements and Infiltration, as Chair. In 2019, she received the ASHRAE Government Affairs Award for outstanding effort and achievement in state, provincial, and local government activities in connection with technical issues related to society.

Friday Dec 02, 2022

This week we welcome Rick Sims and Pete Consigli for a report on Hurricane Ian recovery, HVAC industry update and the Andy Ask Building Science Symposium aka Winter Break. It’s always great to have the Restoration Industry Global Watchdog join us and this week we also welcome his SW Florida HVAC expert and friend Rick Sims. This show will not only give us some insight into the current events in Florida but will go into some HVAC related issues that are front and center in the industry today.
Rick Sims is a Florida mechanical contractor with over forty years experience in dealing with Climate Zone One moisture levels. Rick serves on the Mechanical Technical Advisory Committee for the Florida Building Commission and teaches code related topics all over Florida. Rick has been teaching HVAC professionals since 1987. Rick has collected field data for Andrew Ask for many years and has assisted in research projects involving use of dehumidifiers with central air conditioning systems.
Pete Consigli is a Restoration Industry Association (RIA) Certified Restorer (CR) and Water Loss Specialist (WLS) and has been a member of the Restoration Industry Association since 1977. Over the years he has been an active volunteer and filled various association leadership roles. Pete is RIA’s “Resident” Historian and an archival resource to the industry. In 2008, Pete received RIA’s most prestigious honor for excellence in restoration, the Martin L. King award. In 2012 RIA made Pete the second honorary member to its association, only the third such honor in RIA’s 75 years.
The RIA recognized Pete in 2021 at their 75th Diamond Anniversary Convention in Orlando, Florida by naming its new scholarship program, “The RIA Pete Consigli Educational Scholarship Award” in his honor. RIA presents the award at its Annual Convention and Exposition. When asked, Pete advises the RIA education committee and staff on matters impacting the restoration industry and its members. In his 5th decade in the industry Pete enjoys his reoccurring role on IAQradio+ as the “Restoration Global Watchdog. He is well-known as the Building Science Summer Camp’s “Executive Chef Emeritus.” Pete and long-time friend Cliff “The Z-man” Zlotnik, CR, WLS, CIEC are Consigliere’s (advisors) to the Moisture Mob!

Friday Nov 11, 2022

This week we welcome Lisa White, Associate Director at the Passive House Institute US. This show is a great follow up to our recent discussions about the internet of things, sensors and the electrify everything movement. Lisa did a well received presentation at Summer Camp with thoughtful insights on how changes to the grid can be coordinated with changes in buildings to take advantage of the moment.
Lisa White is the Associate Director and a technical lead for Phius (Passive House Institute US). Ms. White has been with Phius since 2012. She led the building certification review team for seven years and is an instructor for Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC®️) training and WUFI®️ Passive energy modeling software training. She holds a degree in Environmental Sustainability with a minor in Architecture from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a Master’s in Energy Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Friday Nov 04, 2022

This week we welcome Dr. Allison Bailes of Energy Vanguard to talk about his new book A House Needs to Breathe….. or Does It?. We will talk about his thoughts on proper ways to make homes comfortable, healthy and energy efficient. Dr. Bailes is widely known for his excellent writing in the Energy Vanguard blog.
Allison A. Bailes III, PhD, is founder and owner of Energy Vanguard in Decatur, Georgia. Like many in the field of building science and green building, he is multi-faceted: His academic credentials in physics (BS, MS, MST, and PhD all in that field) give him a solid foundation in the science that underlies buildings. Having taught physics at the high school and college levels, he’s adept at explaining technical concepts in a way that people new to green building can understand. In addition, he has practical, hands-on experience. He built a high-performance home out of structural insulated panels, doing much of the work himself, and ran a home performance contracting business. Numerous homes in the Atlanta area had their ducts sealed and crawl spaces encapsulated by Dr. Bailes himself. Between his first and second businesses in this field, he gained more green building experience by working as the regional manager for the EarthCraft House program in the Southeast. What Dr. Bailes has become most known for in recent years, though, is writing the Energy Vanguard blog. In it he covers everything from building science fundamentals to HVAC particulars to big-picture topics like energy security and peak oil. The blog has gained a wide readership in a short time and is often cited and linked to from other websites.


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