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Jack Springston, CIH, CSP - Mold & IEQ: New Guidance & Current Events

Jack Springston, CIH, CSP - Mold & IEQ: New Guidance & Current Events

January 17, 2020
This week on IAQ Radio+ we welcome Jack Springston, CIH, CSP for a discussion on mold and IEQ in NYC and around the country. There are a lot of current events and new guidance documents out or coming out and Jack is on top of it.
Jack Springston has over 30 years’ experience in industrial hygiene and occupational health. He’s been a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) since 1993, and is one of less than 50 active CIHs who also hold a sub-specialty certificate in Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). He is the current Chair of the American Industrial Hygiene Association’s (AIHA) Continuing Education Committee, and in 2012, he was made a distinguished Fellow of AIHA. Jack is currently the Industrial Hygiene Services Manager for ATC Group Services in New York City, Albany, and Long Island.
Jack received a BS Degree in Environmental Biology from LIU/Southampton College and a MS Degree in Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences from Hunter College. He is a past-Chair of AIHA’s Indoor Environmental Quality committee and Biosafety & Environmental Microbiology committee. In addition, he is currently the Vice Chair of the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienist’s (ACGIH) newly reformed Bioaerosols Committee.
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Jim MacDonald & Vincent Begin - Teksill Solutions, Inc. - Innovations in Protection from Water Damage

Jim MacDonald & Vincent Begin - Teksill Solutions, Inc. - Innovations in Protection from Water Damage

January 10, 2020
This week on IAQ Radio+ we welcome Jim MacDonald and Vincent Bégin to discuss an innovation in protection from water damage. Jim developed the TEKSILL vented sill plate and Vincent is their Business Development Director. The Z-man met them on his trip to Ireland and was impressed with them and their product.
Jim MacDonald
Jim MacDonald’s father brought him up in the building industry. He’s had a hammer in his hands since the age of 3 years old since building an ocean area home in Prince Edwards Island. He understood “built to last”, and has since thrived to always improve his building standards and make sure his construction was completed at the highest quality.
One of Jim’s goals has always been to be at the forefront of new technologies in order to meet and anticipate the expectations of his clientele. Throughout his years of renovation experiences, he searched and developed an innovative concept, Teksill Vented Sill Plate, that would reduce the effects of water damage for his clients basement renovation projects. Teksill Vented Sill Plate limits water basement damage, is eco friendly, saves time and money and improves air quality. Jim surrounds himself with a team of highly skilled business professionals, together they strive to become a technology leader in innovative moisture control and damage prevention construction materials to create a clean air quality home.
Vincent Begin
Founder of Select Supplies/SelectPro in 1989, Mr. Bégin holds a bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of Quebec in Montreal. He is the instigator of the Federation of the Disaster Restoration Industry (FIRAS), which brings together the professionals of this industry in Quebec. In February 2011, he founded the Select Academy, a professional training center for the disaster restoration industry and specialized cleaning. In May 2013, Select Supplies opened a branch in Quebec City following the merger with Sibo and Prodium. In 2016 Select Academy and Select Supplies merge to become SelectPro. October 2016, a third branch opens in Brossard and in July 2017 Vincent sold his company to Safety Express a division of Aramsco. Vincent is the Business Development Director for Teksill Solutions Inc. of which he is a shareholder.
Dr. Jill Crista - Author, Educator, Naturopathic Doctor - Diagnosing and Treating Mold Sickness

Dr. Jill Crista - Author, Educator, Naturopathic Doctor - Diagnosing and Treating Mold Sickness

December 20, 2019
This week on IAQ Radio+ we welcome Doctor Jill Crista to talk about her thoughts on Diagnosing and Treating Mold Sickness. IAQ Radio+ continues to expose our listeners a variety of approaches on this issue, today we will talk to an Author, Educator and Naturopathic Doctor about her approach. We will also discuss her recommendations on how practitioners can work with Doctors and patients dealing with mold sickness.  
Dr. Jill is an author and nationally recognized speaker on neuroinflammatory conditions such as brain injury, mold illness and autoimmune encephalitis. She earned her Naturopathic Doctor Degree with Honors from the National University of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, OR in 2003. In 2012, she completed the Physician Training Program with the International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society. For over a decade, she was director and practicing member of two integrative clinics offering naturopathic medicine, integrative medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, craniosacral therapy, and massage. Here she witnessed the efficacy and synergy of a team approach to patient care. She’s now focusing on research, teaching, and writing. She serves on the board of the Wisconsin Naturopathic Doctors Association, and was President for 6 years. She worked on the AANP committee for licensure, where she gained experience in seeking licensure for naturopathic doctors in WI and increasing access to naturopathic healthcare nationally.
Robert Higgins - Concrete & Moisture: Fact vs Fiction

Robert Higgins - Concrete & Moisture: Fact vs Fiction

December 6, 2019
This week on IAQ Radio+ we welcome Robert Higgins. Robert Higgins has been involved with moisture-related issues in concrete and waterproofing since 1976 and has been developing products for such use since 1980. He was a product development chemist for SINAK. Bob is equally involved in product and process development, having developed most of the products manufactured and marketed by his former company SINAK Corporation, as well as owning or co- owning patents for moisture testing. He has expertise in moisture-related concrete issues, having been involved with waterproofing, technical committees, professional groups, lecturing, teaching; and construction defect litigation. 
Bob lives and works in Osmond Beach, FL. He has given lectures internationally and throughout the US on concrete and coatings related topics. He also continues to work on various committees and provides expert witness services on topics related to construction, concrete and coatings.
Andrew Rynhart - Tramex Limited - Measuring & Documenting Moisture Content

Andrew Rynhart - Tramex Limited - Measuring & Documenting Moisture Content

November 22, 2019
This week on IAQ Radio+ we welcome Tramex Ltd. CEO Andrew Rynhart. Moisture detection and measurement is vital to understanding building science, indoor air quality, disaster restoration and home performance. Nothing causes more building related issues that moisture! Join us this week to LEARN MORE about how moisture is detected and measured particularly in difficult to assess situation such as moisture in concrete.
Andrew Rynhart is the CEO of Tramex Ltd. He was taught from a young age about moisture in buildings from his father who was the founder of Tramex meters and inventor of the first commercially successful nondestructive moisture meters for building inspection. Andrew has been fortunate over the years to have learned a great deal about moisture in the building envelope from many of the world-leading technical people in Roofing, Flooring, IAQ, Water Damage, Pest Control and other industries who use these meters, in the United States, the UK, and Europe. 
For more than 40 years, Tramex, has been an international leader in design and manufacturing of moisture and humidity meters Tramex's heritage in innovation began with its foundation in 1974. Today Tramex continues to innovate, design and manufacture moisture meters for building inspection with the latest range of meters currently being launched. Andrew has been involved in their development every step of the way. LEARN MORE this week on IAQ Radio+!
Shari Solomon Esq. - CleanHealth Environmental - The Next Generation of IEQ Pros Infection Control, Lead Paint, Mold and More!

Shari Solomon Esq. - CleanHealth Environmental - The Next Generation of IEQ Pros Infection Control, Lead Paint, Mold and More!

November 8, 2019
This week we welcome live in the studio at the "World Headquarters", one of "The Next Generation of IEQ Pros" Shari Solomon, Esq. Shari is an upcoming professional from the DC area, we'll be discussing infection control, lead paint, mold, IEQ regulations and more. 
Shari L. Solomon, Esq. is president of CleanHealth Environmental, LLC. CleanHealth provides comprehensive industrial hygiene, infection control and OSHA training services, offering valuable risk management and compliance solutions. Ms. Solomon possesses more than 19 years of environmental consulting and federal regulatory experience. An attorney by trade, combined with her experience in the industrial hygiene field, Shari holds a unique expertise and understanding of liability prevention techniques. Prior to launching CleanHealth, Shari held the position as Director of Training with a full-service Industrial Hygiene firm and was charged with the development and oversight of all training programs nationwide. Ms. Solomon is a U.S. EPA Accredited Trainer for the Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP) and has spent many years providing indoor air quality services including litigation support, operation and maintenance program development, and indoor air quality assessments.
On the regulatory side, she served as a Legislative Analyst with the National Multi Housing Council/National Apartment Association Joint Legislative Staff. While there she developed an expertise on indoor air quality issues and authored the first industry white paper on mold as well as an operations and maintenance program for mold/moisture control in apartment properties that has steadily become the industry standard of care. 
Ms. Solomon holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Florida and a Juris Doctorate from The Catholic University of America.
Thomas J. Phillips - Healthy Building Research, Davis, CA - The HEAT is On, Part 2 - How climate change will affect IAQ, future proofing buildings & beyond energy efficiency

Thomas J. Phillips - Healthy Building Research, Davis, CA - The HEAT is On, Part 2 - How climate change will affect IAQ, future proofing buildings & beyond energy efficiency

November 1, 2019
This week we welcome back Tom Phillips for Part 2 of our discussion on "How climate change will affect IAQ, future proofing buildings & beyond energy efficiency". During Part 1 we talked about how climate change has and will affect IAQ in Part 2 we will review and add to that discussion then spend most of our time talking about future proofing buildings and beyond energy efficiency. Tom is passionate about this topic and has put a lot of effort into educating people with fact based information. This is just what we need when talking about this topic.

Tom Phillips is a consultant on healthy sustainable buildings and lives in Davis, California. He has spent over 35 years working at the intersection of research and policy addressing public health, pollution, and buildings, mainly at the California Air Resources Board. From 1985 to 2009, he designed and managed research contracts on human exposure to indoor and outdoor pollutants, ventilation, air cleaning, and building ventilation. He also produced health-based guidelines on indoor combustion pollutants and air cleaners. Tom has served as a technical advisor to national, state, and local agencies, NGOs, and private firms on various IAQ issues, climate change adaptation, and green building programs for homes, schools, and offices. Since 2010 Tom has served as the principal scientist at Healthy Building Research, where he has assessed IAQ research needs for net zero energy buildings, effective ways to prevent intrusion of outdoor pollutants, and ways to adapt and mitigate climate change and health impacts in the building sector.

PRACTICE to Research - The Restoration Panel

PRACTICE to Research - The Restoration Panel

October 25, 2019

Good Day and welcome to Iaqradio+. This week we are going to replay one of our best panels from the HBS 2019. This panel was the PRACTICE to Research; Restoration Panel. Members of the panel were John Downey, Ralph Moon, PhD, Felicia Cianciarulo, PhD and Cliff Zlotnik.  Each panel was asked to present research that most practitioners would not be aware of and that could be incorporated into their practice. Or they could promote and discuss topics that practitioners feel need more research. This panel did a great job on both counts. We had a great time at the summit and a fantastic group of speakers. Our thanks go out to all the attendees, speakers and exhibitors.

Todd DeMonte & Larry Carlson - The Present & Future of IAQ & Restoration  Madison Industries, Therma-Store, LLC  & Phoenix Restoration Equipment an American Success Story

Todd DeMonte & Larry Carlson - The Present & Future of IAQ & Restoration Madison Industries, Therma-Store, LLC & Phoenix Restoration Equipment an American Success Story

October 11, 2019
This week on IAQradio+ we welcome Todd DeMonte, Chief Innovation Officer for Madison Indoor Air Quality and Larry Carlson of, Phoenix Restoration Equipment a Division of Therma-Stor, LLC to discuss the present and future of IAQ and Restoration. These gentlemen know whats happening now and are expected to predict future trends in the industry. They are a dynamic duo that will help you navigate these fast changing industries during this evolving period. They also work for an American company doing there manufacturing in Madison, Wisconsin, an American Success Story! 
Todd DeMonte has years of experience developing and producing products that improve and control indoor environments. It is his work with Therma-Stor, LLC and Phoenix Restoration Products that would be most familiar to IAQ and water damage professionals. He has led to many patented innovations that yield real benefits. Mr. DeMonte led Therma-Stor from 2003-2019 and now leads innovation for Therma-Stor and its eight sister companies.
Larry joined Therma-Stor in 1992 as product manager for ventilation and dehumidification products. In 1994 Larry introduced the Phoenix 200, the first LGR dehumidifier. Through 2003 he oversaw the expansion the Phoenix Restoration Equipment product line to include the Guardian HEPA Systems, Focus axial air mover and Phoenix 300 and 200 MAX. After 2 years at Dry Air Technology where Larry assisted in the creation of the Atlantic LGR and Force 9, he returned to Therma-Stor in 2006 as marketing manager. Currently Larry is the Phoenix Restoration Industry Manager and International Sales Manager. Larry has been a member of RIA since 1994 and the IICRC since 1998. He participated in the creation of the Applied Structural Drying Technician (ASD) certification. He served on the IICRC S-500 4th Edition Consensus Body and is currently  on the CB creating the 5th edition of the S-500 Standard.
Open Mic - IAQA President Jay Stake, John & Lydia Lapotaire

Open Mic - IAQA President Jay Stake, John & Lydia Lapotaire

October 4, 2019
This week on IAQradio+ we open up the microphones to frequent listeners and our expert audience. Our HBS 2019 is fast approaching and many of you will not be able to attend, but we want and need your input. Call in, text a message, or send us an email! 
Today will be talking about some results from our own research and discussing industry research needs. We have divided the discussion into 3 categories with panels on each at the HBS 2019. Send us your thoughts what type of research questions do you have about these categories?
Disaster Restoration
Home Performance
Today we will run through the categories and get listener input to include in a paper we are working on. We will take your comments, information from our panels at HBS 2019 and information from our panel at the IAQA 2020 Annual Meeting & Expo to produce a paper intended to help focus the research community on what we as practitioner's need from them. We hope that researchers can then use our proceedings to help get funding for their future projects.